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Indian Health Services

The 2017 IHS Loan Repayment Program application cycle is October 1 through the Friday of the second full week of August and applications are evaluated monthly beginning in January (or as soon as funds become available).

To be eligible, spouses must:

Loan Repayment Program

Upon accepting your loan repayment funding, you must agree to an initial two-year service commitment in full-time clinical practice fulfilled at the LRP-approved site and in the position listed on your application. After you’ve completed your initial two-year commitment, your loan repayment contract may be extended annually at the same Indian health facility for an additional one-year service commitment in full-time clinical practice until your qualified loans are paid.

If you are currently employed by an Indian health facility:

Your contract begins on the date that the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary’s delegate signs your contract, not your first day of practice.

If you are NOT currently employed by an Indian health facility:

Your two-year service commitment begins on your first day of practice, not the date the Secretary’s delegate signed the contract. Your service commitment must begin no later than September 30 of the fiscal year that you signed your contract.

Find qualifying facilities here >>

Commitment and Consequences

Particularly for military spouses, IHS knows situations may arise that make it difficult to complete a service commitment in one location.

Suspension of Your Service Commitment:

You must request a suspension of your service commitment if you anticipate an absence from full-time clinical practice longer than 35 workdays. The LRP reviews suspensions for medical reasons (including maternity leave), military deployment and urgent personal matters only. You must submit requests and documentation detailing the reason for a suspension to the LRP branch office prior to the beginning of your extended absence.

Transfer Requests:

Your LRP award is site and position specific — you will not be able to transfer your LRP contract to another site or position without prior approval from the LRP branch office. The LRP requires three letters with your transfer request. Appropriate facility representatives from your current facility and your prospective transfer site must sign the letters on official letterhead.

Failure to obtain approval before transferring to another site or suspending commitment may result in breach of contract and can have costly consequences.

Visit the Indian Health Services (IHS) Loan Repayment Program website to learn more.


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