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Military Spouse Scholarship FAQs

Scholarship applications are open May 1-June 30 and October 1-January 15. These are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email scholarships@militaryfamily.org. And don’t forget to sign up for e-notices, for the most up-to-date information: http://www.militaryfamily.org/sign-up-for-enotices.html

Questions about the Application

Am I eligible?

You are eligible if…

1.  You’re the spouse of

2. You have, or are eligible to hold, a valid military ID.

For Business Owners only:

3. You are a self-employed business, organization or non-profit owner with a need for financial support.

How do I apply?

As soon as each application period opens, a link to register/sign in will be available on our NMFA Spouse Scholarships page:


Direct link to application:


When application is closed, you will only be able to view/create accounts.

There are two applications. Which one should I complete?

If you are eligible you can submit applications for both:

  1. Education + Employment: funds for college degrees and certificates; professional licensure or certification and classes/exams required; trade schools; training programs; high school completion/GED; ESL classes and exams; continuing education; credit by exam (CLEP/DSST); and clinical supervision for mental health licensing.
  2. Spouse Owned Business: funds for expenses related to their self-owned business, either brick-and-mortar and/or online such as franchise, contractor, direct sales, non-profit, and provider of products/services.

What if I haven’t chosen a school or am waiting for acceptance?

If you have not yet selected a school or are waiting on an acceptance decision, you can leave that section blank and add a note which includes the reason you don’t have info yet and when you expect you will know.

What if I am not enrolled?

If you know your school, but are not yet enrolled, you can still complete all your school info including the date/term when you will be enrolled.
Your check made payable to your school or program will be mailed to you with a copy of our scholarship use letter. You will need to submit your scholarship check and letter to your school at the appropriate time.

Can I make changes to my application after I submit?

Before deadline – Yes.  Send email to request we reopen your application.

After deadline – No.  You will only be able to review your answers.

To review your submitted application: login to your account, click “My Applications”, click blue button “Review your answers”.

How is my application judged?

Completed applications are reviewed and scored by a team of volunteers who see ONLY your short answer and essay responses.

Scholarships are NOT based on merit, GPA, need, rank, degree level, full/part-time status, career field, etc.

What documentation will I have to provide if I win?

If awarded, you are required to provide both of the following with your scholarship packet:

  1. Marriage certificate
  2. LES / DD214 / DD1300 OR Death Certificate. No military IDs or PCS orders accepted. 20/20/20 spouses must provide divorce decree.

Additional forms and instructions will be provided via email.

Questions about Scholarship Money

When can I use my scholarship money?
2018 Round 2/Current RoundFunds awarded are for use during 2018-2019 academic year.

(Fall 2018 – Summer 2019)

Checks will be mailed no earlier than Sept/Oct 2018

How much will I receive if I win?
NMFA spouse scholarships are one-time awards averaging $500 for career/professional funding and $1,000 for degrees.

When will my check be mailed?

Round 1 awards (application Oct – Jan) will be mailed in May/June of the program year. (intended for the Fall semester for degrees.)

Round 2 awards (application May – June) will be mailed Sept/Oct of the program (intended for the Spring semester for degrees)

Mailings will continue as needed until October 31 or until all funds are disbursed.

Where will my check be mailed?

All checks requiring accompanying paperwork/registration forms will be mailed directly to the recipient, payable to school/program.

Otherwise, checks will be mailed directly to your school or program using the address you provide.

What can my scholarship funds be used for?

Education + Employment: Funds may be used for tuition, course or lab fees, program costs, program fees or exam costs/fees.   In addition to college courses (online or face-to-face) towards any level degree or certificate, scholarship funds may be used for professional expenses such as licensure/certification (or renewal), CEU’s, professional examinations and other related expenses such as fingerprinting and background check fees.

Business Owners: Funding can be used for military spouse-owned business needs including, but not limited to:  direct sales:  buy-ins, inventory and merchandise; self-owned business:  marketing, branding, manufacturing, supplies, inventory and permits ; entrepreneurial pursuits.

Can I use my scholarship to pay for books or my student loans?

No.  Funds may not be used for books or materials; to repay student loans, tuition paid with credit card (or tuition from previous terms using any payment type) or fully funded by other sources; prep classes, workbooks or practice tests/exams unless specifically required (written proof must be provided); childcare; travel/accommodations; or any obligations incurred prior to April of the scholarship program year.

Can I be reimbursed?
Yes, reimbursement is possible for career/professional expenses (classes, exams, and fees for certification or licensure) paid by spouse on or after February 1 of the scholarship program year.

Reimbursement is considered on a case-by-case basis.  Receipts/Proof of payment dated on or after February 1 must be provided and should include your name, payee name, date, amount and description of expense.

Questions for Scholarship Winners

What is a scholarship packet?
Scholarship packet refers to all the items awardees are required to provide, and includes:

  1. Marriage Certificate
  2. military service verification document – LES / DD214 / DD1300, etc
  3. Pre-Funding Questionnaire
  4. Signed Agreement Form
  5. Photo

How do I send my scholarship packet if I am selected for a scholarship?  When is it due?

Scan/email documents to scholarships@militaryfamily.org
Pictures should be attached in photo format (.jpg, .png, etc)

Scholarship packets are due 2 weeks after email notification, typically end of February for Round 1 and mid-August for Round 2.

Do I have to maintain a certain GPA or # of hours?

No. There is no minimum GPA or full-time status requirement.

How long to I have to use my scholarship?

Awardees have until the end of July of the following year to use scholarship funds.  After July the funds will be invalid and any outstanding checks will be void.

2018 Round 1 and Round 2 awardees have until July 31, 2019 to use their funds.

Will my scholarship renew?

No.  Your scholarship is a one-time payment and does not renew.

Can I apply again next year/next round?

Yes.  We currently have no restrictions on the number of times you can apply and receive funding.

What if I move or switch schools?

If circumstances regarding your scholarship change, let us know  immediately by providing an updated PFQ (including new school/program name, address and account or ID#).

If your check has already been mailed, you must ensure funds are transferred to your new school or returned to NMFA. We cannot request a reissue until after we receive the returned check or a refund.

If your check is returned because you did not enroll as expected, if you decide to use your funds for another purpose, or if you do not notify us that your plans have changed, we may not be able to reissue the check.

2019 Round 1 application will be open October 1, 2018 – January 15, 2019

Completed applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST on January 15th 2019

Funds awarded are for use during 2019-2020 academic year.  (Fall 2019 – Summer 2020)

Checks will be mailed no earlier than May/June 2019

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