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Socratic Arts

Socratic Arts offers preferred tuition rates for its Cyber Academy

Socratic Arts offers preferred tuition rates to Military Spouses for its Cyber Academy
Find Your Passion: a Career in Cybersecurity

Socratic Arts has been a pioneer in online learning since 1989. Adapted for NMFA to teach military spouses essential defensive cyber skills, The Cyber Academy is 100 % online, supported by human mentors, who are themselves, cybersecurity experts.

There are three courses: Immediate Immersion; Defense 1 and Defense 2. Immediate Immersion is a short course(6 weeks) to allow students to determine if they like the work and are good at it. A student must be successful in this course to proceed to each of the next two cyber defense courses that are focused on job-ready skills and prepare students for entry-level careers as SOC Analysts, Digital Forensic Analysts, and Incident Responders.

  • The courses deliver authentic tasks in a learn-by-doing instructional environment, usually preferred by self-directed learners
  • Personality traits like curiosity, determination, and persistence are more critical to successful completion than prior knowledge.
  • Socratic Arts believes these characteristics are exemplified by military spouses, transitioning service members, veterans, and their families.

In 2016, Socratic Arts was contracted by the US Department of Defense to develop a training program for novices with no formal computer science or IT training and turn them into capable cybersecurity professionals.

To be eligible for this program and the preferred tuition rates, you must be a military spouse, register on this page, and confirm your military affiliation by emailing: [email protected].

 Military Spouses may apply separately for NMFA’s spouse scholarships.

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